Here's to the Innovators!

I'm amazed at the high level of innovation that the automotive industry is generating today. That statement would have been a challenge to type and/or accept even a few years ago. But those that study the industry know that innovation is at the core of this great industry. From the invention of the assembly line in Dearborn to the relentless evolution of performance in high-end racing - this industry attracts the best and brightest to move us forward. Today, it's happening almost everywhere you look. From controversial upstarts like Tesla to the large, storied companies like Ford, General Motors, and Mercedes Benz. And yes, it's even happening at the Retail level - perhaps in ways we haven't ever seen. The dealer network gets a bad wrap as delivering an unfriendly customer experience over the years. Yes, a lot of that reputation is earned, however if you peel back the layers you find that the dealer is the ultimate entrepreneur. In the coming blog posts, I'm going to highlight the innovation that is happening within the dealer network in North America. I'm super excited to bring spotlights to both dealers and vendors as well as OEM's that are fostering a true partnership with their stores. Stay tuned!

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