Modern Automotive Technology

What's New in Modern Automotive Technology

Developments in modern automotive technology are constantly changing, but this year, there’s plenty of excitement to go around. With the ever-growing, ever-changing technology from Tesla, Carvana, and others -  automakers are striving to impress their customers with the latest advances in features and convenience. One of the most popular developments in modern automotive technology is wireless Apple CarPlay. This hands-free feature allows car owners to do practically anything through voice command including access GPS, change music selections, and even charge smartphones with the built-in wireless charging pad. Another great update in modern automotive technology is the back seat alarm. This crucial development alerts vehicle owners when it detects something of substantial weight has been left behind. It’s a positive development that can save thousands of lives by alerting parents and pet owners of the presence of someone in the back seat. Of course, electric cars are consistently being updated so that today’s modern consumers can find new, cleaner sources of energy to power their vehicles while protecting the environment.